5 Advantages Asian Men Have In Dating

If you ever hear an Asian man complaining about his dating life, you can be sure he isn’t aware of the 5 extremely important advantages he has over any other man, of any other race.

What many people fail to realize is that Asian men have many natural advantages in the dating world.
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3 Rules For Dating Black Women

The beauty of black women is something we can’t emphasize enough, and if you feel the butterflies going crazy inside your gut when you have that cute black girl around, there’s no reason not to try and win her over.
However, there are certain things you need to be aware of, and there are certain unwritten rules you simply need to obey, if you want your relationship to work.
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6 Tips For Dating A Latino

The Latino community of this country isn’t afraid to follow their hearts and go cross cultural. Although the advantages of dating Latino are pretty much obvious, it won’t hurt to mention them once again: they are very family-oriented, very romantic and very generous. Plus they are sexy as hell, if we may add. Whether you are dating a Mexican or a Dominican, chances are your relationship is devoted and warm.
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10 Things Only Interracial Couples Will Understand

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If there is one thing we can say about interracial dating for sure, it’s that it can be both rewarding and difficult. At times, it can even get funny. If you’re lucky enough to date a person you share a sense of humor with, you will find the odd things that happen to you very funny, and instead of putting you down, they will make your day more interesting and give you something to laugh about. Continue reading

How To Make Your Interracial Marriage Work

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Even though being in an interracial marriage isn’t such a shocking thing anymore, it can still get difficult for a couple of reasons. For example, if your marriage is cross-cultural as well, you might feel like you are constantly pulled into two different directions. Moreover, the differences that mean so little for the two of you might still bother a number of people who generally have no saying in your happiness, but whose attitudes can sometimes bring tension to your marriage. Continue reading

Interracial Dating: Never Hide Your Love

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Many people still have prejudices when it comes to interracial relationships, and this is why there still are interracial couples who feel they need to keep their love hidden. This is an awful thing to feel and it can be very hard on a loving couple. On the long run, the need to hide your relationship can lead to its demise, because having to hide something beautiful ultimately takes the beauty away. Continue reading

6 Beautiful Things Only Interracial Couples Have

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Being in an interracial relationship has many benefits. Luckily, diversity is highly promoted over the recent years, and the number of cross-racial relationships keeps increasing. People who come from different racial backgrounds have many things to look forward to, when starting a relationship.

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6 Stupid Things People Say To Interracial Couples

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Some of the statements interracial couples often face are downright ridiculous. You shouldn’t get upset over them, but no one can forbid you to make jokes about them, and laugh your hearts out at the closed-minded bunch of people who dare to make comments about something so private – like your relationship. Continue reading

Interracial Dating: How To Deal With People’s Stares

According to recent statistics, 84% or Americans are supportive of interracial marriages. Even though dating someone of a different race isn’t such a big deal as it used to be in the previous century, many interracial couples still have to face weird stares coming from random people.

There is no way of avoiding those stares, unless you decide to never leave the house again, so the real question you should ask yourself is: how to overcome them, and how to deal with them? Continue reading