You Might Want To Delete That Gym Selfie From Your Online Dating Profile

Photo:© nikolas_jkd/Dollar Photo Club

If you thought your hard-rock abs are attracting women, you might want to check again. A recent study showed that women actually prefer men who are not athletic over those who are over – athletic. All the guys who have profile photos of their abs might want to read on and check their profile afterward.

A total of 5,541 Americans have filled this survey, ranking dealbreakers when it comes to considering a real, committed relationship with another person. When it comes to picking a mate, women actually might prefer men who they see as “not athletic” over men they consider “too athletic”.

According to the survey, “too athletic” outranked “not athletic” by far. Turns out not many women are crazy about those bodies of steal. Who would have thought! 10% of women saw “too athletic” as an absolute dealbreaker, while only 5% said the same thing about “not athletic”. When it comes to picking a mate, women actually seem to prefer couch potatoes over gym rats.

We aren’t talking about a fling here, or a sexual adventure – we are talking about picking a mate for potentially spending their lives together. Overly athletic men are ranked highly on the list of dealbreakers – so you, my friend, might want to re-think that sexy, shirtless profile photo.

The top 3 dealbreakers for both sexes were: unclean appearance, laziness, and neediness.

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(Source: Tech Insider)