How to Survive a Breakup with a Non-Boyfriend

You meet a great guy online. You love everything about him, his photos, his profile, his interests. Maybe the two of you even go out and meet face to face over coffee. The chemistry is undeniable—you think about him constantly, and every text sends your heart aflutter. But that’s where the classic love story ends. For whatever reason, it doesn’t work out. Things are over, even though you were never officially a couple.

Breaking up always hurts. Even if you break up with someone who hasn’t officially been ‘marked’ as your significant other (you weren’t official on Facebook yet) – it still hurts. And that’s completely normal.

Your friends might tell you-you should just forget about it and go on with your life because it never got to become something meaningless, but this often isn’t a great solution. Here’s how to REALLY get over someone you never even dated properly!

Cry like it really is a break-up, because it really, really is. You have invested your time and feelings into this person, you’ve had your hopes up about them and the relationship. You had good, warm feelings about them. And now all of that is gone. Of course you need to give yourself some time to cry and be sad about it.

Delete him from everywhere (yes, social media too). Delete his number. Delete his texts. And all of the voicemails he left to you. And all of his photos. Delete him from social media. There is no point in reading endless conversations the two of you had had, trying to figure out what went wrong. It is what it is. You didn’s scare him away with a message. No need to check on him regularly on social media either. Just cut him off. Stop making him a part of your life. He’s gone so let him be really gone. From everywhere.

Be thankful it never got official because now you don’t have to change your relationship status and let everyone know you’re single again. As far as everyone knows – nothing has changed. No questions, no friends going “Awww, I’m sorry, what happened?”. No need to talk about it all the time with everyone you know.

Treat him as you’d treat an ex. You don’t have to be OK with seeing them all the time just because you didn’t have a long, fulfilling relationship. Give yourself some space. Don’t go to his favorite places just to “accidentally” meet them. There is no need for that.

Don’t go out the same night the break-up happened. Or the next night. Few glasses too many and you’ll see yourself texting him how much you care about him. Don’t do it. Stay at home. Go see a friend. Have a sleepover with your favorite girl. Eat ice cream, watch your favorite show. Just don’t go out and drink.

Beautify. Schedule a manicure. Or a pedicure. Or a facial. Go to the hairdressers and get a fantastic blow-out. Make yourself look extra pretty — and you will, guaranteed, feel much better.

Accept that he wasn’t THE ONE because most of them aren’t. There is only one “the one”. See what I did there?