10 Things Only Interracial Couples Will Understand

© Sergey Furtaev/Dollar Photo Club

If there is one thing we can say about interracial dating for sure, it’s that it can be both rewarding and difficult. At times, it can even get funny. If you’re lucky enough to date a person you share a sense of humor with, you will find the odd things that happen to you very funny, and instead of putting you down, they will make your day more interesting and give you something to laugh about.

So, here are 10 things interracial couples know all about:

1. Many people don’t automatically come to the conclusion that the two of you are dating. It’s simply not the first thing that comes to mind, and many look super surprised when you let them know this is your date.

2. The shocked look in your partner’s friend’s eyes when they see you for the first time is priceless.

3. Your date’s friends start censoring their jokes or the way they speak, because they are afraid they would offend you.

4. Meeting that one family member who is racist is something that simply has to happen, at least once.

5. Members of your own racial community who are of the opposite gender sometimes look at you with an offended face expression, as if somehow you’ve personally turned them  down just by dating a person of a different race.

6. No one ever thinks you two are related and you don’t ever hear people say, “The two of you look so much alike!” which is pretty good, actually.

7. You are able to make ridiculous racist inside jokes when you’re alone with your date, and it doesn’t feel weird, but hilarious instead.

8. The assumptions people make can be downright outstanding. Sometimes they will assume you have some sort of a fetish, and only prefer a certain race. Some of them go even further by assuming you hate your own race and you don’t like you own skin color. Another common assumption is that the two of you aren’t dating because you like each other – there must be another reason involved, like money.

9. No one ever accuses you of being racist.

10. Walking down a racist town in the South is an adventure on its own. You get stared at in shock or horror, and if you ever feel like shaking things up, a walk through a racist town will give you tons of exciting feelings.